PAT CUSTER DENISON has been a professional artist since her training in
painting and printmaking at the University of Michigan (1966-1970). Pat and her
husband, Chip Denison began their marriage in 1970, as well as began
displaying and selling Pat's prints and paintings at Michigan outdoor art fairs.
About 1975, Pat bought a kiln and started firing silk screened ceramic glaze on
tiles. Her love for the fired colors extended to large tile paintings. These
paintings began to get quite elaborate when, with Chip's help, they were framed
with shaped, cut out wood with dimensional aspects and found objects.
Reluctantly, with only so much time in a day, Pat put aside her printmaking and
acrylic painting on canvas to concentrate on her tile work.
By 1990 Chip sold his construction equipment and came to work in the art studio
full time. Pat is always the artist/ designer with Chip being the perfect facilitator.
Chip often claims his job description includes any work that Pat doesn't think is
When the couple moved from Mt. Clemens, MI  in 1998 they intended to move
south, but lost their hearts to a special spot in a wetlands on a small lake in
Benzie County, MI (Up North, southwest of Traverse City, at the south end of the
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore). Pat designed their house and studio
and Chip, as always, the perfect facilitator, built Pat's plan. For a number of
years the Denisons had open studio hours and received many visitors to the
home,studio,gallery and garden.
Currently the Denisons' gallery is not open to the public and they are no longer
doing art fairs.  Pat  has set aside ceramics so that she can concentrate on
watercolor paintings on paper. She has also returned to her printmaking roots
and has revived her printing press and had gone deeply into digital printmaking.
Pat returns to her printmaking "roots" (she began her
art career doing wood block prints and etchings). She
is doing combination prints  on her computer and
printing with a large format printer and archival inks.
Her digital work has twice been chosen for inclusion in
the prestigious Boston Printmakers International Print
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Pat Custer Denison
4240 Cooper Road
Honor, MI
Sixteen prints in the Green Frog series. This digtal print
collection was based on a series of sketches of frogs done on
location in Pat's garden. The images are 9" w x 12" h and sold
individually matted in a 16x20 mat.
These four framed collections from "The Green Frog series"  are each matted in 8 ply archival mats and framed
under museum glass. They are on view and available from The Michigan Artists Gallery, Traverse City, Michigan.

81" w x 25" h

One of three in a series of
watercolors framed as a
collection. The lily pads are a
favorite subject and were
painted on location while
floating in a kayak .

On view and available at the
Michigan Artists
Gallery,Traverse City, MI