On OPEN Fridays and Saturdays, the Denisons are affable and amiable
(they take turns). You are not interrupting their work day. During the
week they go back to their reclusive, work focused lives.
The Denison Art Studio and gallery is in one
wing of the Denisons art filled house.
Denisons hang some of their own art in their
home, so a gallery visit may include a peek at
their house and collections, as well as furniture
the artists have made for themselves. Dandelion,
their 30 year old Amazon parrot,  usually flies free
in the house and studio, but is
ALWAYS caged
when there are visitors.
    Additional fun in Benzie County:
    Swim at the many uncrowded public sugar sand beaches along Lake Michigan.
    Walk the shoreline for miles(and rarely see another person or cottage).
    Hike the wonderful trails in the SLEEPING BEAR DUNES NATIONAL SHORELINE.
    Bicycle everywhere, especially on the Betsie Valley Rail Trail.
    Canoe/kayak the many inland lakes and rivers.
    ALSO, there are many great restaurants, shopping , and art galleries, including, the not to
    be missed, TRICK DOG GALLERY in nearby Elberta.
    For a very special outing,visit the BETSIE RIVER CENTENNIAL LILY FARM.
Most electronic navigation systems have
We are easy to get to, follow our directions.
Come in off M22. Do not try the Warren RD to
Rogers route. We are not at Indian Hill. Do not
turn on to Boekeloo.
The garden and garden
art are an extra bonus.

2016   The Denisons will not be "OPEN".
We are happy and in good health. We are
making art like crazy, but allowing The Michigan
Artists Gallery( 1.231.943.1236) in Traverse
City,MI to market our work.