"Sweet Haven"
50" x 69" h  $6500
"Wet Ice"
51" x 52"h   $4000.
Most of these watercolors(and in some cases,egg tempera) have a transparent watercolor under
painting with gouache and graphite finish. Most are done on 300 pound Arches all rag  paper or finest
quality equivalent. The frames are hand built and  painted by the Denisons.
"Zinnias in a Theatrical Light"
Mixed media, watercolor,digital
art,ceramic, found object, wood.
48" x 72" h   $6000.
"Wild Apples"
58" x 50" h   $4300.
39.5' x 51" h  $3500.
"Bon Voyage White on
39.5" x 51" h   $3500
"January Reflections"
49.5 " x 45" h   $3500.
"Amaryllis Collection"
72" x 49" h    $5800.
After many years of doing my visionary, narrative ceramic tile paintings and
constructions this more nature based art seemed a 180 degree switch.
Actually it is not. I still ignore correct shadowing, graphically flattening most
spaces. Line, pattern and color dominate, but the narrative is still more
important than the reality. Achieving a realistic look is always sacrificed to the
poetry of line and color. A strong graphic line makes my heart sing. Whether
painting plein air(on location) sketches or large studio pieces, the work is
about place or home, a mythic reality, and very, very personal.
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"Winter Driveways"
40.5" w x 51"h  
"Winter Maple"
38"w x 52"h  $3,500
Waterweeds and Currents 1     81" x 26"   $4000.  At the Michigan Artists Gallery
Waterweeds and Currents 2  81"  x 26"   $4000. At Michigan Artists Gallery
Early May  53"w x 50" h   $5000.
Late Fall Vegetation  46"w x 58"h  $4300
Late Autumn Maples  50h 68w  $6500.
"Winter Driveways 2"
40.5 w 51"h
November Orchard $41"H x 51"w  $3500
Up North Campsites 1
32 w x 64 h  $4300.
Up North Campsites 2
32 w x 64 h  $4300.
November Dune  51w x 41h  $3500.
On a Field Trip  30"h x 60w "  $6000.
Lake Michigan Campsites  46"h x 58" w  $4300
Yellow Orchid, White Orchid
41"h x 51"w   $3500.
Click on each painting to view larger.
Late May     52"w x 70"h  $7600
View at the MICHIGAN Artists Gallery
Day Lily Garden  34" x 58" H
View at the Michigan Artists
Gallery, Traverse City, MI
Amaryllis with Raven
51H x 40 w
Amaryllis and Polka Dots
51" h x 40" w
Amaryllis in Turquoise Pot
51"h x 40" w
July Wildflowers
38"w x 70"h
View at the Michigan Artists
Gallery, Travers City, MI